Welcome to Congregation Cnesses Israel (CCI)

The Hebrew Cnesses Israel means a "gathering for the people of Israel". The sentiment is beautiful and noteworthy.

First, it is a place where we come together as a community. CCI is the second home for all of us. For those who have been attending their whole lives and whose ancestors founded the synagogue over 100 years ago - to guests walking through the doors for the first time - all find CCI to be a compassionate, loving, and embracing community. All who enter are family.

Second, CCI is a gathering place for anyone. People of all faiths and traditions are welcome - whether you are a Jew, someone who cares about the Jewish community, or someone interested in learning more about our faith and practice. CCI is not a place exclusively for jews, but rather a place where we can all come together to experience Jewish life and culture.

Finally, it is telling that the name of our synagogue, Congregation Cnesses Israel, borrows from the Hebrew phrase for a synagogue, beit cnesset. Indeed, a synagogue is not simply a House of Prayer. While prayer is a central function of CCI, it is not all that we are about. We learn. We celebrate Shabbat and holidays. We eat. We have carnivals, picnics, book groups, and bowling outings. We delight when our children run, laugh, and play. We are a gathering for all life has to offer.

So please feel free at any time to come and join us, to find out more about our community, and to give us the opportunity to extend our family welcome to you.


Please note: Guests are always welcome at CCI, but we have been advised by local law enforcement to ask that if you are new to the community or just wish to attend, that you call ahead of time and make us aware of when we can expect you. We apologize for the inconvinience and for the fact that the times mandate this new rule.

To visit us, or to ask about Membership call 920-437-4841 or 920-264-2712 (ask for Stephanie).